Our vineyard is located in Gironde, 70 kilometers south-east of Bordeaux and 10 kilometers from La Réole, on the banks of the Garonne River. Situated at the foot of the 12th-century Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens de Fossès church, the vineyard overlooks Notre-Dame de Baleyssac church, built in the 16th century.

Soil : Varied clay and limestone.

Average age of the vines : more than 20 years.

Area of Vineyard : 10 hectares / 25 acres.

Grape varieties : 50 % merlot, 48 % cabernet-sauvignon, 2 % cabernet-franc.

Production : Certified organic vineyard by the Bureau Veritas Certification (FR-BIO-10). The different plots are managed with organic farming. The soils and vines receive compost and herbal teas at various periods following the lunar cycle. The environment of the plots supports the diversity of auxiliary fauna. Light plowing leads to an active subterranean life.